This is the self-generated documentation for RexxLiterate pre-alpha 1.


Currently, all of the tabs above work, showing you various views of the RexxLiterate code as files, code features, and source. The tabs provide indexing and cross referencing.

The source browser features syntax highlighting.

You can also navigate the tree on the left to explore the feature documentation and source.

Feature documentation is present and complete. The source browser features syntax highlighting.


This version of RexxLiterate is licensed under the Common Public License

Copyright (c) 2004-2010 William Data Systems and Geoff Stevens

Commercial licences including full support and maintenance are available by negotiation with William Data Systems. Find your local office at

Author: Geoff Stevens


Click on the documents tab above, then on the Structure link.


This guide assumes you're familiar with editing and running Rexx programs in your environment.

Examine the program rexxliterate.rex (click on the Programs tab at the top of this page).

As supplied, the program produces documentation for the programs in the current working directory, producing the output in a folder called ./html, which produces documentation for itself.

Edit rexxliterate.rex to make the variable rsource point at a folder with some rexx programs in, and htarget to point at an existing folder you don't mind getting HTML written into.

Then execute rexxliterate.rex using an OORexx 3.2.0 or higher.

Examine output in htarget.

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